Founded in 1980, Villatec Ltd. offers a full range of construction services including: 


General Contracting          Leasehold Tenant Construction          Project Management


No matter the service being performed or the size of the assignment Villatec Ltée puts the client’s interest first and focuses on time, quality and budget control.

Our success over the years results from our policy of maintaining a strong team of experienced technical support individuals on our staff.

Our talented designers and skilled managers understand your project right from the beginning and work with your Account Manager and you in the technical layout of your project, in addition, our support people can render on-site assistance whenever required.
Having worked with a full complement of architects, designers, sub-contractors and vendors in a rapidly changing marketplace, we use state of the art technology to fully manage and control your construction venture. All our estimates and bids are automatically processed to ensure accuracy and reduce costly error factors. As well, your project will be flow-charted to maintain the target completion date.

Corporate Profile